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You may have seen our articles from our blog Harmonious Workplaces at Medium posted on social media. Let us bring some of our consulting and publishing experience to your audience!

As trained I-O Psychology practitioners, we take an evidence-based approach to consulting, writing, and speaking. We strive to engage the audience, make them a little uncomfortable with hard-hitting and relevant topics, toss in a little humor with stories and cartoons, and leave them with actionable takeaways… oftentimes whetting the appetite for more.

Check out our latest presentation below. Contact us for information on how and when we can give our presentation for your organization.

Who Should Attend:

  • Business owners and executives, nonprofit leaders, and government agencies who want to understand why their workers don’t produce and why their best people quit.
  • Managers seeking answers to their people problems at work.
  • Fellow I-O Psychology practitioners seeking insights into the latest strategies for enhancing corporate culture.

Short Circuit Change Resistance:
Strategies to Overcome Resistance to Organizational Change

Short Circuit Change Resistance


Organizational change stimulates many emotions. Some people exhibit excitement and embrace change, while others reject the process. Workers who resist change can cause organizations to risk failure for change to stick as a part of the culture. 

WorkBalance Consulting offers a tour through the reasons for organizational change resistance and some of the tools and techniques change leaders can use to short circuit resistance and bring full adoption.

So, You Want Workers Who Work?

Transforming Workplace Culture

So, You Want Workers Who Work


Many business owners and executives report that their top concerns as employers include labor shortages and high intent to leave among employees, a lack of trust in senior leadership, quiet quitting, and more. They often complain, “My employees aren’t engaged, motivated, or committed to the work.” If you want workers who work, we made this presentation for you!

From Stale to Satisfaction:
Has Employee Engagement Exceeded Its Expiration Date?

From Stale to Satisfaction


In today’s competitive business environment, organizational success depends on a thriving corporate culture. But how can we identify when our corporate culture might show signs of rotting? Is there a point where it’s too late to reverse the damages? Join us for an insightful presentation where we explore the warning signs of a spoiling corporate culture, the impact that it has on workers, and how to rejuvenate it when it starts to sour.

Join us for a transformative session and take the first step towards fostering a corporate culture that not only survives but thrives!

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