Transformative Tech & Process Redesign at an Industrial Distribution Company

Lubricant Distribution Company

This case study explores the comprehensive organizational development (OD) and change management strategy employed by the Marketing Operations Director, one of the consultants at WorkBalance Cosulting, at an industrial products distribution company facing significant technological and operational challenges. Aimed at revitalizing the company’s digital infrastructure, enhancing internal communication, and streamlining marketing operations, this initiative exemplifies strategic planning, execution, and the impact of technology on organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Outdated Company Website: The company’s website was severely outdated, with numerous broken features and a custom theme that lacked support, rendering internal staff unable to make edits without external agency intervention.
  • Inefficient CRM Use: The company utilized as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, but it was improperly configured and not integrated with other systems, limiting its effectiveness.
  • Lack of Marketing Automation: The company’s marketing efforts were hampered by the use of a basic MailChimp tier without integration into a comprehensive marketing automation system.
  • Fragmented Office Software Utilization: Each team member had their individual Microsoft Office 365 subscription, leading to inefficiencies and communication barriers.

Assessment and Evaluation

The director undertook a thorough assessment of the team’s competencies, especially regarding CRM and Microsoft Office, along with an evaluation of the marketing team’s Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other characteristics (KSAOs) across various functions including website management, social media, advertising, and email marketing. Additionally, a data analysis focusing on website performance, marketing process efficiency, CRM data accuracy, and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) was conducted, culminating in a comprehensive report to the executive team.

Solutions Implemented

Website Redevelopment

The website was entirely redesigned and redeveloped using WordPress, with WooCommerce implemented in catalog mode to serve as a searchable database. This overhaul addressed the site’s usability issues and positioned it for better engagement and sales.

Microsoft Office 365 Onboarding

To enhance internal communication and collaboration, the company transitioned to an enterprise-wide Microsoft Office 365 subscription. This included setting up SharePoint, integrating Outlook across devices, and upgrading the VOIP phone system for better communication efficiency.

CRM Transition to ActiveCampaign

After optimizing’s data schema, the director transitioned the CRM system to ActiveCampaign. This system was chosen for its superior integration capabilities with the website and Outlook, facilitating more accurate and efficient customer data management.

Training and Knowledge Sharing

The director initiated extensive training programs covering website maintenance, CRM management, email marketing, and the use of Microsoft 365 tools. A company-wide SharePoint site was established for internal knowledge sharing, supported by group training sessions, screen-capture videos, and how-to documents.


The implementation of these solutions led to several positive outcomes:

  • Enhanced Team Competency: The marketing team demonstrated a high level of competence in using the new software and tools, reflecting the effectiveness of the training programs.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Increased proficiency in new business processes and software use was observed, reinforced by ongoing training, coaching, and a culture of shared decision-making and individual goal-setting.
  • Increased Website Engagement: The redesigned website saw a significant increase in organic traffic and user interactions, indicating improved market presence and customer engagement.

The strategic interventions in technology and process redesign undertaken by one of WorkBalance’s consultants at the industrial products distribution company showcase the critical role of OD and change management in navigating technological challenges. Through comprehensive planning, effective execution, and a focus on training and development, the company not only overcame operational inefficiencies but also enhanced its competitive edge in the market. This case study underscores the importance of integrating technology with human capital development to achieve organizational success.

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