Tech Transformation in a Real Estate Company

Commercial Real Estate Company

A leading Commercial Real Estate Company in Chicago, Illinois, faced significant challenges with its digital infrastructure, including an outdated website, ineffective customer relationship management (CRM) system, and a lack of integration with modern marketing platforms. The company’s transition from a CRE-specific CRM to Salesforce Sales Cloud had not been optimized to meet its unique needs, leading to poor adoption rates among sales brokers and a significant decline in customer satisfaction and engagement.


The company’s multifaceted digital shortcomings, impacted not only external customer interactions but also internal processes and employee satisfaction. Key challenges included:

  • An outdated website with poor SEO, UX, and mobile compatibility.
  • Ineffective use of Salesforce CRM, lacking customization and integration with the company’s operations.
  • Low website interaction and customer frustration due to discrepancies in property listings across platforms.
  • Internal frustration among staff due to inadequate systems for managing sales and customer relationships.

Strategic Intervention

Analysis and Initial Findings

An in-depth analysis was conducted to assess the current state of the company’s digital presence, CRM usage, and employee sentiment. This involved:

  • Evaluating website performance, competitive rankings, and prospect sentiment.
  • Conducting interviews and behavioral studies to understand the mindset and motivation of staff members across departments.

Implemented Solutions

  • Website Revamp: The website was completely overhauled using WordPress and the Divi Theme to enhance SEO, UX, and mobile compatibility. The marketing team was trained on maintaining and updating the website.
  • CRE Marketing System Integration: Integration with Buildout, a leading CRE marketing system compatible with Salesforce, to streamline property listings and marketing efforts.
  • Salesforce Redevelopment: Customization of Salesforce to align with Buildout’s data schema, including the creation of custom objects and fields to accurately manage property data.
  • Comprehensive Training Programs: Development and delivery of extensive training programs for both Buildout and Salesforce, leveraging in-person sessions, virtual learning, and on-the-job coaching.

Employee Engagement Enhancements

  • Employee Pulse Surveys: Implementation of pulse surveys to gauge job satisfaction and identify areas for improvement in the employee experience.
  • Shared Decision-Making and Goal Setting: Encouragement of collaborative goal-setting and decision-making processes to enhance employee engagement and objective attainment.


The strategic interventions led to remarkable improvements across several key areas:

  • Website Performance: A dramatic increase in organic traffic and user engagement, including a higher rate of form completions.
  • CRM Adoption: Full adoption of the newly optimized Salesforce CRM system by employees across various departments.
  • Data Accuracy and Flow: Enhanced accuracy in property data and smoother transitions of closed deals to property management and billing.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Improved job satisfaction and engagement, as evidenced by positive responses in employee pulse surveys and increased participation in shared decision-making processes.


The comprehensive overhaul of the digital and organizational infrastructure at the Commercial Real Estate Company not only resolved existing challenges but also positioned the company for future growth. By focusing on both technological solutions and employee engagement strategies, the project achieved a holistic transformation that has set a new standard for operational excellence in the commercial real estate industry.

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