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Nonprofit Association

A nonprofit trade association, dedicated to serving professionals within a specific industry, recognized the need for a significant digital transformation to enhance their operational efficiency, member engagement, and overall growth. This transformation was spearheaded by the association’s marketing director, now one of WorkBalance’s consultants, who identified critical areas for improvement in the organization’s technological infrastructure and digital marketing strategies.


The trade association faced several key challenges:

  • Outdated Website: The existing website was not maintained adequately, leading to outdated content and poor user experience. It also lacked in-house maintenance capabilities, relying heavily on an external agency.
  • Inefficient Association Management System (AMS): The AMS in use was on the verge of being deprecated, suffering from frequent outages and issues with data integrity.
  • Lack of Marketing Automation: There was no effective marketing automation system in place, which limited the association’s ability to engage with members and potential members efficiently.

Solutions Implemented

The marketing director undertook a holistic approach to address these challenges, focusing on the following key areas:

Website Redesign and Development:

Redeveloped the website using WordPress and the Divi Theme, ensuring it was easy to update and maintain by in-house staff.
Integrated the website with Higher Logic, a community engagement platform, to enhance member interaction and engagement.

Selection and Implementation of a New AMS:

Conducted a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) process to identify an AMS that would meet the association’s needs.
Chose Fonteva, a Salesforce-based AMS, for its robust features and flexibility.
The marketing director and the office director became Fonteva-certified and led the implementation, including setting up CRM functions and conducting system tests.

Marketing Automation Integration:

Integrated two new marketing automation systems that would work seamlessly with the selected AMS, enabling more effective communication strategies and member engagement.

Training and Adoption

To ensure a smooth transition to the new systems, a systematic training program was developed. This included:

  • Group training sessions to introduce team members to the new systems.
  • Virtual training through Salesforce Trailmix, offering flexible learning options.
  • Individual coaching to address specific needs and ensure competency across all systems.
  • On-the-job training, coaching, and the implementation of rewards for behavioral reinforcement.
  • Performance and adoption were measured against key performance indicators (KPIs) related to strategic objectives, such as new membership growth, revenue, user experience (UX) sentiment, and retention.


The digital transformation initiative led by the marketing director resulted in significant improvements across the organization:

Enhanced Member Engagement: The new website and integrated community platform significantly improved the member experience, leading to increased engagement.
Operational Efficiency: The move to an updated AMS streamlined internal operations, reducing outages and data integrity issues.
Improved Marketing Capabilities: With the new marketing automation system in place, the association saw improved communication with members and potential members, contributing to growth in membership and revenue.


The comprehensive digital transformation at the nonprofit trade association demonstrates the impact of strategic planning and execution in leveraging technology to meet organizational goals. By addressing key challenges with targeted solutions and ensuring team adoption through effective training, the association positioned itself for sustained growth and success in serving its members.

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