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Worried Business Owner

Have you been frustrated by not being able to have full-time executives in key roles?

You’re not alone. Many small businesses and nonprofits struggle to afford the high cost of a full-time executive team. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice strategic leadership and expertise.

At WorkBalance Consulting, we share your passion for your organization’s growth.

We understand the unique challenges you face as business owners and executives, and we exist to help you overcome them. You wear many hats and don’t have the time or resources to do everything yourself. Let us share the load and help you add value to your business.

Satisfied Business Owners

Why Business Leaders Trust WorkBalance Consulting

I have known this professional for many years as a friend, colleague, and consultant. They are the “compleat” professional who combines technical, consulting and human skills to make a difference to my business and to my clients. What I so appreciate is the added value they bring to everything they do. Always up to date on the latest tech tools and how they can improve our website and those of our clients. They are comfortable working with different generations of talent and employees.

Lynn H.

Owner, Recruiting Company

Demonstrated support as an individual vs a team of IT support. To be successful, this professional had to balance the big picture to implement new systems in a timely and functional manner.

Provided great insight into how systems must integrate and how to implement them in a straightforward manner. Conscientious in developing solutions while business progresses – This combination of technical know-how and pragmatism makes this person successful in his role.

This professional will be a valued employee to any organization seeking to bring them aboard.

Dan G

VP, Industrial Supply Company

Introducing the AAA Method for Excellence


Gain peace of mind and stronger insight through evidence-based assessments from trained professionals bound by an enforceable code of ethics. We’ll identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.



Obtain a blueprint for lasting change, including what needs fortification, what needs refinement, and what needs removal for a strong culture with clarity and humor. We’ll develop a customized plan to address your specific needs.


Fully inspire all to work toward a shared vision and strategic objectives with care packages to empower employees to help foster growth. We’ll help you create a culture of engagement and alignment.

Fractional Executive Services

We offer Fractional Executive Services to bridge the leadership gap and to help you deliver the value your customers and your employees expect. You will gain a strategic competitive advantage with our partnership helping you to cover these key strategic areas.

Fractional COO

Oversees operations, streamlines processes, and improves efficiency.

Fractional CMO

Develops and executes marketing strategies, drives brand awareness, and increases sales.

Fractional CHRO / CPO

Manages human resources, recruits top talent, and fosters a positive company culture.

Change Leader

Guides your organization through transitions, implements new initiatives, and minimizes disruption.

At WorkBalance Consulting, we know that you want to have a thriving business with more revenue, reduced risk, and more time.

Increased Profit

In order to do that, you need to implement strategic direction and executive leadership for your vision. The problem is that you currently cannot afford a full-time COO, CMO, CHRO / CPO, or Change Leader which makes you feel worried about your ability to reach your objectives.

We believe that a fractional executive can partner with you to execute and manage the strategies and tactics you need to succeed. We understand that you need the right people in the right places doing the right things to add value to your business, which is why we developed our AAA Method for Excellence which we use as your strategic partner.

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So, complete the form below to contact our team. In the meantime, take a breath and relax. You have taken the first step to stop worrying about your ability to boost your organization’s performance and, instead, to grow your business, save costs, and enjoy freedom and peace of mind like you’ve never had before.

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