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Improve employee engagement, job satisfaction, and retention with our evidence-based, people-first approach to organizational development and change management to support individual and organizational goals.

OD and Change Management Consulting Based in I-O Psychology

At WorkBalance Consulting, we assist organizations in enhancing the skills and potential of their employees while increasing the value of their investment in human capital. We apply evidence-based but innovative organizational development (OD) solutions, industry-leading best practices in change management, and vetted methodologies rooted in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology.

Our founders hold MS degrees in I-O Psychology from Purdue University, and each has served in executive positions for various organizations in diverse industries throughout their respective careers. In addition to people science, we also come from creative backgrounds rooted in entertainment, visual art, music, and writing. Therefore, you can expect high-quality content — including video, audio, graphics, and writing — to help you on your path toward a harmonious workplace.

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Our Consulting Services

Organizational Development (OD)

Evaluate and reshape organizational structures, processes, and cultures.

Change Management

Facilitate positive and lasting change using a proprietary model delivering stellar results.

Learning and Development (L&D)

Design and deliver tailor-made training programs to upskill employees.

Talent Management

Evaluate and implement better recruitment, onboarding, and retention strategies to attract and maintain top talent.

Benefits of Working With Us

Organizations with whom we’ve worked with our data-informed approach report:

  • Increased Self-Efficacy: Employees can handle their roles more confidently.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: Foster a strong sense of commitment and passion towards the organization.
  • Improved Retention: Stop “quiet quitting” and attrition to keep top performers in the organization.
  • Goal Achievement: By optimizing their investment in human capital, we aid organizations in achieving their business objectives.

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